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Miss Liu



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Online Tutoring Available!

Join our online classes now!

  • Customized online chemistry lessons for Secondary 3 and 4 'O' Level students.

  • Conducted by Ex-MOE teacher and author of 2 Guidebooks!

  • Notes and worksheets to help you excel in your exams.

  • Providing guidance and assistance through WhatsApp anytime!

  • Master key concepts and practice exam-style questions to boost your confidence and performance.

  • 15 minutes of coaching study skills (time management, memorization skills, etc) once every month.

  • Fees: $320 for 4 lessons

Reflective Parents | Reflective Student



Save time!

  • No travel needed.

  • Learn from anywhere.

  • More time for studying.

Learn at your Own pace!

  • Study fast or slow.

  • Review lesson anytime.

  • Learn at your own pace.

Lots of resources

  •  Access videos, quizzes, and more.

  • Explore different chemistry topics.

  • Learn from expert teacher.

  • Free homework help

Save mOney

  • Cheaper than traditional classes.

  • No travel or material costs.

  • Free online resources available.

"Mrs Chua teaches you when you are academically weak, helps and guides you when you are emotionally weak."


  • EX-MOE Teacher

  • More than 10 years teaching experience

  • NIE PostGraduate Diploma in Education

  • Master of Education (Developmental Psychology) in National Institute of Education

  • NTU Chemistry Honours

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First in Singapore!





Educational Coach

Is your child not performing well in school?


Is getting a tutor the only way to help your child?

How do you know what you child needs?


Don't worry, I am here to help!

I specialise in analyzing the possible problems to a student's poor results. If a student needs help academically, I teach. If a student needs help in other areas, I help and guide like a counsellor and coach.

It's NOT about finding the BEST teacher for your child, it's about finding the RIGHT teacher for your child!

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Does your child struggle with any of the following issues:
  • Does not understand the concepts taught in school
  • Has trouble scoring well in the exam even though he/she knows the concept well
  • Does not know how to study for the subject
Your child might need a TUTOR.
Does your child struggle with issues on both sides?
Your child might need a TUTOR and an EDUCATION COACH.
Does your child struggle with any of the following issues:
  • Lacks self-discipline to study

  • Lacks motivation

  • Lacks self-confidence

  • Lacks organisational skills

  • Lacks study skills

  • Has a negative attitude

  • Is addicted to his/her phone

  • Does not communicate with you

  • Has poor time management

  • Looks depressed and unhappy

Your child might need a COUNSELOR or an education COACH.

Or do you, as a parent wishes to find out more about the following issues:

  • How to motivate your child to learn?

  • How to improve your relationship with your child?

  • How to help your child in his/her studies?

  • How to communicate with your child?

Over the years, I have also worked with parents to understand their children, help them and improve their relationship with them.

A positive parent-child relationship has proven to help children excel in school.

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Hi Mrs Chua, I got A1 for my Chemistry!!! Thank you for teaching me! Thank you for your patience! I wouldn't be able to achieve this results without you!


Bukit Panjang Government High

Thank you Miss Liu!!! I finally pass my Chemistry!! Thank you for helping me and not giving up on me. I will continue to work hard and aim to achieve better results for my o level!


Queenstown Secondary School

Hello Miss Liu, I just want to inform you that Joel got B3 for his Chemistry. Thank you very very much!


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Results Driven, yet care for your child!

  • 100% of my students improve after 8 lessons!

  • About 85% of my students scored A!

  • Majority of my students learn more than chemistry from me such as how to manage their emotions so that they can focus on studying, how to manage their time, how to study effectively and how to communicate with their parents.

Sorry for the late response Mrs Chua. We have observed a great improvement in Charlotte's attitude. She will keep her phone with me when she starts studying! She has also been more open to talk to me. Thank you so much!


Thank you Miss Liu for your patience and effort. She wouldn't have done as well as she did without your support.


Hi Mrs Chua, thank you so much for teaching Kieren to cope with studies and other issues. He has been happier recently and feeling less stressful. I can tell he enjoys his session with you and is picking up the skills you have taught him. 


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