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Mrs Chua is an ex-MOE teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. She graduated with a B.Sc. in Chemistry with Second Class Upper Honours from Nanyang Technological University. She is well-versed in the ‘O’ Level Syllabus and is able to provide each student with the help they need to improve and score well in their ‘O’ levels and school examinations.


With classes conducted in small group sizes of 3 people per group:

  • Mrs Chua is able to give more attention to each student as compared to group tuitions that can go up to 50 students per class.

  • Mrs Chua will be able to spot specific problems that each student is facing and target these specific problems to ensure that students maximize their learning in class.

  • Every student has a different pace when it comes to learning. If we try to force-fit a student into a large class where each student has different learning abilities, there might be the possibility where one will feel like the class is not helpful as it is too slow, or the opposite where one will feel like the class is not helpful as it is too fast and they are unable to understand anything the teacher is saying.


Either way, the money spent on a large group tuition will not be spent effectively as the student will not be maximizing their learning. Instead, with a small group size, Mrs Chua is able to cater to each students’ learning ability more effectively and plan lessons in a way where each student can understand and grasp the concepts well. Furthermore, as each lesson is affordable ($50/hour), it is much more affordable than many private tuitions that can go up to $100 an hour, However, in Mrs Chua’s class, at the same affordable price, each student will learn in a way that is suitable for them.


Mrs Chua also invests time into coming up with her own study notes for her students to help students consolidate their learning into simpler and concise terms. These notes will aid her students’ learning as it will serve as an easy reference for students when they are in doubt while revising. Mrs Chua’s notes provides accurate information that students can refer to easily instead of relying on Google or Wikipedia which might provide inaccurate or outdated information. This will help to ensure that her students’ work is always in sync with what is taught in school to avoid confusion for her students. It is common for tuition teachers to use terms that are different from what is used in school, also known as “layman terms” as they were not trained by MOE or wish for students to understand the concept with minimal explanation. However, this might have adverse effects as it might cause students to use these terms during examinations which are not accurate in a scientific point of view, causing students to lose precious marks that might differentiate them between an A1 or an A2. However, Mrs Chua having taught at a school before, coupled with her vast knowledge on the MOE syllabus, will be able to teach her students the correct methodology of understanding and answering questions to score that A1 during examinations.


Mrs Chua also believes that her students’ mental and emotional well-being is equally as important as well. On top of her normal lessons where she will cover academic-related topics, she also provides an additional coaching session for both students and parents after class to release the built-up stress from studies. This session for students can come in the form of motivational talks, tips for time management and study techniques and counselling sessions to help students who display signs of depression and rebellion due to stress in different areas of their life. The session for parents can come in the form of tips to help motivate their child to study, communication skills to help parents have good communication and understanding of their child and parents who wish to help their child in their studies but have no idea where to start. These sessions are useful for parents and students who realize that they do not know how to help their children or themselves despite trying various methods or attending different tuition classes.

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