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I would definitely recommend Mrs Chua to any one who is struggling in their studies. She is very different from all the tutors I had. She would analyse my problem and helped me reflect and improve. Not only does she helped me improved in my Chemistry, she also improved my time management. She taught me how to focus and work hard when I am studying, rest well and relax when I am taking a break. Thank you Mrs Chua!


Methodist Girls' School, 2017

I have been failing my Chemistry and A maths before attending Mrs Chua's lesson. After attending Mrs Chua's lesson, I was able to understand the concepts easily. Her constant encouragement and reminder motivated me to study harder and achieve better grades.


Chua Chu Kang Secondary, 2017

Hello Miss Liu! Thank you so much for your effort. I wouldn't be able to achieve this result without you. Thank you for listening to me and encouraging me all the time.


Clementi Town Secondary School, 2017

Miss Liu has always been patient in answering my questions and doubts. Her summary notes are very well summarised without any unnecessary information which makes it easier for us to memorise. I managed to get A1 for my 'O' level!


Yuan Ching Secondary School, 2016

I have been failing my Chemistry before my mother engaged Miss Liu. Chemistry seems to be like an 'alien' language to me but Miss Liu made it simple by focusing on the keywords and the key concepts in each topic. The notes Miss Liu always ask at me to write has been very helpful for my exam! She would teach and tell you what are the key things to write in your notes and you will do it as homework. This is so much helpful than providing the notes itself!


Queenstown Secondary School

I find Miss Liu's teaching very useful. She explains the concepts well and teach me how to write answers with the correct keywords. She would always find ways to help me memorise my notes and the key concepts. Within 1 year, I managed to improve from a F9 to B3 in 'O' levels! Thank you Miss Liu!


MGS, 2016

Miss Liu is an engaging tutor. She would come up with funny phrases to help me remember some concepts. She is very patient and always make sure I understand the concepts before moving on. She would 'force' me to think of the answers before discussing the answers. This help to push me to think and learn the answering techniques. I managed to get A1 for my Chemistry and I would like to thank Miss Liu for that!

Jia Yuan

Hillgrove Secondary School, 2016

Dear Miss Liu, thank you for always believing in me. I would never be able to achieve this results without you.

Thank you for helping me find my real problem in studying. The skills that you have taught me help me alot in my other subjects too. Thank you for listening to my problems and advise me. :) 


Commonwealth Secondary School, 2016

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