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Mrs Chua's session for Parents

Reflective parent, Successful student

Are you constantly trying to tell your child the importance of studying but he/she is just not responding to you? No matter what you say, you child is just 'glued' to his/her phone or computer?

Have you tried to engage many tutors for your child but it is still not working?

What can you do? How can you help you child?

Have you ever reflect on your method?

This is what Mrs Chua heard from many parents when their

children start Secondary School:

"I can't teach them anymore.

I forgot or I don't understand what they are

learning in school anymore."

This is a misconception many parents have. You don't have to help them by teaching them what they are learning in school. You help them by being engaged in their learning.

Parents play a critical role in their child’s learning and studies have demonstrated that there are clear, measurable benefits for children when their parents are actively engaged in their learning. Find out how to be engaged in your child's learning from Mrs Chua now!

This is a session for parents who

  • face difficulties communicating with their child and understanding them

  • wish to motivate their child to study

  • wish to understand how they can help their child in their learning and be engaged in their learning.

At the end of the session, Mrs Chua aims to

  • improve the relationship between parents and child

  • achieve consistent collaboration with parents in the learning journey of the student

  • enhance your understanding towards your child

  • enhance your communication with your child.

Four 1-hour session at $480 only.

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