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Mrs Chua's coaching for Student

This is a session for students facing difficulties in their learning or even in life. It can come in the form of motivational talks, tips for time management and study techniques and counselling sessions to help students who display signs of depression and rebellion due to stress in different areas of their life.

Throughout Mrs Chua's years of teaching, students have been taking initiative to approach her to share their problems. Other than helping them academically, Mrs Chua also help them with their personal problems, analyse their study methods and improve their life skills.

At the end of the session, Mrs Chua aims to 

  • boast your child's motivation to study

  • enhance your child's learning potential

  • identify a study method most suitable for your child

  • coach your child to understand and take control of the learning process

  • enhance your child's time management skills

  • build your child's character.​

By signing up the session with Mrs Chua, you are engaging the following services:

Tuition ($320 per month)

Counsellor ($640 per month)

Educational Therapist ($800 per month)

Academic Coach ($800 per month)

That's all-in-one session that your child is receiving by working with me for only $480 for 4 sessions (1 hour per session)!

I understand your concern as a parent. What if my child doesn't find the session useful?

If after the first session, you or your child decides that the session is not suitable, you will get back a full refund. 

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