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Why is it important to write your own summary notes? - Part I

On average, a chemistry textbook has about 450 pages. If you spend 1 minute to read a page, that would add up to 450 minutes which is 7.5 hours to finish the book!

Imagine taking 7.5 hours just to read your textbook the day before your exam?

Do you still have time to memorise the important concepts? You know how much your science teacher loves KEYWORDS!

Do you still have time to practise some questions?

The answer is NO.

You cannot spend majority of the time reading the textbook the day before your exam. Some students might not even be able to finish reading it in one day and they start to panic even more. You should be reading your textbook, summarise the key concepts and write your OWN summary notes way before the exam!

Option A: Reading 50 pages Option B: Reading 450 pages

Which option will you choose?

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